How Do the Recent Droughts Affect My Trees & Shrubs?

Drought Effects

How Do the Recent Droughts Affect My Trees and Shrubs?

We all know that the last two years have been tough on our lawns, trees, and shrubs. This last season of 2013, the trees and shrubs started showing stress-related problems due to the excessive heat and drought. This coming season it will be apparent that the trees and shrubs will definitely start showing damage, especially the younger ones. With the last two seasons having excessive heat, with the high humidity and the lack of adequate moisture, has created opportunities for disease and insect problems especially for the young and immature plantings. One of the first direct damage signs is desiccation (to thoroughly dry out) of foliage, buds, bark, and roots and the inhibition of photosynthesis, resulting in the slowing of plant growth, and the inability to make defensive chemicals. On broad-leafed plants, the leaves may droop, roll, or older leaves may yellow and drop; by doing this it reduces water loss and reduces the number of tissues requiring water. If the stress continues from the drought, the edges of leaves and inter-vein areas will yellow and turn brown. This is usually symmetrical, starting at the leaf tips and working back.

What to Look For

Are your trees and shrubs showing stress-related problems due to the excessive heat and drought of the past few years?

  • Foliage, buds, bark, and roots drying out?
  • Slower plant growth?
  • Drooping or rolling leaves?
  • Yellowing and dropping of leaves too early?
  • Browning of leaf edges and veins?

If you’re seeing any of these signs, call Golf Green Lawn Care & Landscaping for a FREE evaluation. We will analyze your trees and shrubs then recommend a fertilization program such as deep root feeding or injections that will provide the proper nutrients to help defend against disease and insects and will stimulate plant growth. With the right fertilization, most trees and shrubs will survive.

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