Commercial Snow & Ice Management

Snow & Ice Management

Golf Green Lawn Care is just as active during the winter as in the spring, summer, and fall because our team provides thorough and responsible snow and ice management services to keep properties safe and passable. Midwest winters are harsh, and with the recent increase in severe, unpredictable weather, you can have peace of mind that your driveway, walkways, and parking lots are safe when you partner with us for snow and ice control. Contact us for a free estimate.

Snow Plow & Ice Management

Pre + Post Brine Treatments

Sidewalk Salt Sales & Delivery

Ice Melt & Salt Treatments

We Keep Your Properties Safe

Snow and ice pose a risk when not appropriately managed after a storm. Commercial property owners have a responsibility to keep pedestrian ways clear and safe for families, visitors, customers, postal workers, and delivery people. We have a full fleet of trucks and equipment to manage snow removal and control ice to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries around driveways, steps, and walkways. We are thorough and reliable with every weather event.

Ice Melt/Snow Salt Delivery

As the colder months set in, many of our customers rely on us to help them through the winter months. We are more than happy to sell and deliver ice melting materials that range from 12 lb. jugs to 50 lb. bags.

Why Choose Us?

Partnering with our team for snow and ice management relieves you of the burden and worry of clearing your property yourself. We offer "Zero Tolerance" contracts for your business - meaning we come and remove any amount of snow, no matter what. This ensures that people coming in and out of your business won't be at risk of injuries, such as back problems or slips and falls. You don't have to worry about managing it yourself - let the experts take care of you! We will ensure your property remains unharmed with careful snow removal, ice management, and brining. Get the Golf Green Guarantee so you can remain worry-free!

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