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At Golf Green Lawn Care, we like to bring innovative solutions to our clients! With industry-leading technology, we have partnered with multiple manufacturers to provide turnkey solutions to our clients. We provide our clients with top-quality, expert lawn maintenance services and are proud to offer the latest innovative technology in automated outdoor services. Our latest offering in state-of-the-art solutions is autonomous mowing to bring a sustainable and efficient model to the routine of regular grass cutting.

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Benefits of Autonomous Mowing

Guided by using modern technology, autonomous mowers incorporate a mapping system to set boundaries and avoid obstacles within the lawn. Property owners can enjoy a consistent and convenient service with numerous benefits, including:

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Built-In Safety Features

Flexible Mapping & Customized Scheduling

Continuous Mowing Enhances Property Appearance

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Maintains Commercial Property Efficiently

Built-In Safety Features & Navigation

Quiet & Efficient


    Green Solutions for a Green Landscape

    Autonomous mowing is one of the latest advancements in modern lawn care, and we’re excited to bring this service to our customers. Our goal is to form long-term working relationships with our clients. We know that offering better customer service and convenient solutions like autonomous mowing will give them a memorable experience and more value for their brilliant-looking lawn. Contact us to learn more about autonomous mowing and how it can be used to deliver incredible results on your property.
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