Early Spring Lawn Application

Golf Green’s spring lawn application includes applying a Fertilizer, Crabgrass Pre-emergent, and Broadleaf Weed Control to your lawn. This application will continue greening up your lawn, kill broadleaf weeds that are present, and control crabgrass.

  • Please stay off the lawn for approximately 2 hours or until it’s dry
  • Please do not mow your lawn for 24 hrs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does rain affect this application?
A:  Light Rain will benefit this application. Fertilizer is taken up through the roots of grass plants. However, a Heavy Rain less than an hour after application can limit the effectiveness of Broadleaf Weed Control. If the weeds are not “curling up” after 10-14 days please give us a call.

Q: How long will it take for weeds to die?
A:  Broadleaf weed control is absorbed into the leaf tissue of weed plants. Weeds will gradually wither and die over a period of 10-18 days. Broadleaf Weed Control will “kill” only weeds that are actively growing at the time of application. It does not prevent new weeds from germinating. This is one reason we recommend our full program — so that your lawn specialist regularly returns every 4-6 weeks to treat any weeds that have recently come up.

Q: Did you put down a crabgrass pre-emergent?
A: Yes, we believe that it is the time to put this down. As mentioned in the answer to the first question light rain will benefit this application.

Take Care of Your Trees & Shrubs Too!

Spring is a great time to fertilize your trees & shrubs! We will be happy to answer any questions concerning the nutritional needs of your Trees, Shrubs, and Evergreens. Please give us a call if you would like a free estimate and analysis.